We are passionate about making sure that our impact on the environment is small as possible at Kingfisher’s Haven. Here are just some of the ways we are doing our bit to help.

All of the cleaning products we use are eco-friendly made with plant-based, biodegradable ingredients. We have reduced our plastic waste by refilling the containers at a local refill shop.

Our beds and changed are changed for every new guest, but if you stay longer than a week we will check to see if you require new items or are happy to keep what you have.

We don’t wrap the linen and it is collected in one of our reusable fabric collection bags.

We support local businesses and aim to reduce the miles that products in the property travel as much as possible.

The art on the walls are photos taken of beautiful scenery in the area by a local photographer.

We have included local products in the welcome hamper. 

Wherever possible we use local companies – we employ people from within a 5 mile radius of the house as the cleaner, linen provider and property maintenence for the house. 

We have tried to make the bungalow as energy efficient as possible and added upgrades to the original building.

The hot water and towel rail are both turned on using timers, so they cannot accidentally be left on longer than required.

All of the curtains in the property are thermal lined – this helps keep the house warm in the colder months to reduce the need for heating, and also keep the property cool in the warm summer months.

All of the lighting outlets in the property were replaced in 2023 and are energy efficient  LEDs.

Due to the private waste water service at the property, there is no dishwasher or washing machine, but we provide eco friendly washing up liquid.

Cornwall is getting a new waste service in 2024 which we will be adopting.

There will be seperate refuse, recycling and food waste containers at the bungalow to allow guests to recycle as much as possible.